My Divorce from Destiny: Leaving Your Super Hot Wife

People like Destiny. Four months after the release in September of 2014, it’s undeniable: Something like 2.3 million people hop into those servers every day.

People also hate Destiny. I’m not talking about the folks that were never going to give it a chance from the beginning. I’m talking the people that were part of that first group. I’d even go as far as to say that there is probably a decent portion of that 3.2 million that feels this way.

The dichotomy between love and hate with Destiny is a far too familiar an issue for me and for good reason.

Because I just divorced Destiny.

She was beautiful. Everything I’ve ever dreamed of. Her aim was to please. Before I knew it, Destiny was completing my sentences. Calling her after work just because I’m thinking about her… that kind of stuff.

That’s the first 20 levels. It’s easy. It’s fun.
And if it has its flaws you didn’t notice because, let’s face it…

Suddenly I was married. It happened fairly quickly. I picked up the controller, settled in and all felt right. Here and there, we would bicker but nothing that felt to serious. Admittedly, we could have dated longer before I decided if this one was for me but we had fun together. I had crossed the threshold and Destiny was here to stay.

About this time, you’re nearing level 27-28.
Things are starting to wear on you,
but you can hold it together.
Like I said,

Three kids, loads of debt, a minivan with lame orange racing stripes: where had all this shit come from? I never wanted any of that. No matter what I did, it wasn’t enough. The loveless marriage was exhausting, often requiring hours of grinding everyday with the hopes that something good would come of it over the weekend. Destiny had become my job. The passion was gone, and all that was left was the grind. The sexy perfect wife reduced to a nagging ball and chain.

Occasionally we tried to give ourselves space. After a few days, I could convince myself I missed her. I would go back to her and we would play together until, a short while later, I would realize I had cycled back into my resentment of the marriage I had so willingly signed up for.

The final straw in came in the form of the first DLC, The Dark Below.

I spent the first two day after the DLC release debating whether or not to make the purchase. That Thursday, I decided it may be what our stale marriage needed. Friday I was playing. Over 20 hours invested and 3 days later, I was left feeling empty. Nothing significant had truly been gained. It would take hours upon hours of mission grinding to get the few new toys up to par. The new missions were nearly literally the old missions, in reverse. My beautiful wife had become something all together different. Our beautiful matrimony was ruined. The time required was no longer worth it for me: I wanted a divorce.

Now,the divorce is final.
The papers have been signed. A fresh breath of air has come over me. I have decided to do more with my time in the future, and a new love has even found its way into my life.

Her name is Diablo, and while slightly less attractive on the surface…
She puts out.

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