GAMERFUQS Reply to the News (Feb. 10-23)

HOLY HELL – There has been some news over the last two weeks.

When I say “some” news… I mean a shit load.

(as stated in the last GAMERFUQS replies to the news – most of my content will be on the subject of Sony and PlayStation. I am actively seeking more bloggers to contribute on the Microsoft and PC gaming fronts!)


OlliOlli creators, Roll7, report that the sequel to their 2d side-scroller skateboarding title is just around the corner. Improvements made in the sequel include combos, manuals and grind switching, which will allow players to switch between grind styles in the middle of a combo. In addition to these game play changes a handful of other tweaks have been added that fans of the original will immediately notice. These changes are geared at increasing air time or offering different paths within a level and generally seem to be adding upon a good thing.

As a fan of most skateboarding titles all the way back to the original Tony Hawk game, I must express excitement over his iteration of the series. I admittedly missed the first title and it has been on my list of games to get to. Having watched footage during the games development, OlliOlli2 seems like the perfect little game for some combo driven fun. I HIGHLY anticipate this game on the PS Vita.

OlliOlli2 will be released on March 3 in the U.S. and March 4 in Europe.


Source article from the PS Blog at:


Resogun DLC

Resogun is one title released as a PS Plus free game that I will wholeheartedly recommend to gamers that missed the free window. This game has an arcade feel while integrating gorgeous graphics that keep me coming back for more, especially after I obtained it on Vita. Whether you’re looking for a title to compete with your friends high score, seeking an introduction into more compact titles or just a fan of old space shooters; Resogun has a place for you which features more content than ever.

Resogun’s second and final DLC, Resogun Defenders, has been released as of Feb. 17 on the PSN store and offers tons of content, new challenges and even game modes. One of the more exciting parts of this announcement is in relation to the games first DLC, Resogun Challengers, which has been made available for free as a sort of warm up for the games new DLC. While the Defenders offers quite a bit, one of the more notable additions is a game mode called Commando, which pulls players out of the cockpit and plants them on their own two feet…. well the characters two feet, that is. This innovation continues to use the twin stick control type but with a new perspective.

Offering bold new changes to an already unique game, this DLC should be on everyone’s radar.


Read more on the specifics of the Resogun DLC here:


Bethesda to Host Conference at E3

Alright…. this is a big one. A REALLY big one… and most of us immediately want to say the “F” word…..NO! NOT THAT “F” WORD!

The big “F” word many have been throwing around is Fallout 4.


First off, the subject of a new Fallout is one that gamers must approach by first disregarding all expectations and hope. Similar to Team Ico product “The Last Guardian”, we know its happening; it’s just a matter of when… we hope… IS IT HAPPENING!? But let’s unpack this news and see just how logical speculation of a release might be, I think at the end of this we may see that the odds are actually in our favor.

Fallout is not only the game in which countless gamers are waiting but in relation to other releases from Bethesda, it’s about time. Fallout: New Vegas was released in 2010. Since then we’ve seen Dishonored in 2012, Wolfenstein and The Evil Within just last year in 2014 and of course we have news of a new DOOM release looming somewhere in the future. Bethesda also has plans for the upcoming release of MMO giant Elder Scrolls Online but that release falls just before the E3 conference, so it CAN’T be the central subject of the publisher’s show. And while gamers are definitely excited about a new DOOM, it doesn’t seem to have a big enough pull to plan an entire show around.

Timing aside, there are other possibilities for what Bethesda may have in store. Perhaps they plan to announce a brand new IP. That could be exciting but let’s think about this for a moment. Dishonored came out three short years ago. Followed by The Evil Within just last year, it seems to me that there are enough new IPs on the table to perhaps focus on the ones in their hand (this is of course speculation – anything is possible). Speaking of a Dishonored sequel, there is the possibility that a sequel is a part of the show but it feels a bit early for that. What about DOOM? While there is a build of anticipation for its release, I can’t imagine it ALONE warrants a spot at the world’s largest video game conference, though I do predict the announcement of the games release date at the show. Any, or even ALL, of these subjects could very likely be a part of Bethesda’s E3 show but they don’t seem to be large enough to make up the bulk of a presentation… not without one surprise announcement that we didn’t see coming.

With that information ingested, the stars seem to be aligning for those eagerly awaiting Fallout news. It feels like the right time. We want it. But, again… it’s never good to get your hopes up, especially in this industry.

I CAN say: If we make it through an entire Bethesda E3 presentation this year without one mention of a Fallout title, it would be a healthy decision to stay out of the clear path for thrown obstacles.


Dying Light

It’s been roughly a month since the release Dying Light and if you’re anything like me, then the zombie population should be close to under control and you’ll be glad to hear that there is more to come.

Techland announced the first 3 DLC packs for Dying Light, the first of which being “Cruise and Cuisine.” The games first DLC was made available on February 10 for just $5 and includes a few new hardcore missions taking place in previously inaccessible portions of the city. Though it doesn’t sound like much, the extra playtime is a welcome addition for fans of zombie bashing.

The second DLC, the “Ultimate Survivor Bundle”, is slated for a release in March and will offer new outfit choices and weapons blueprints. I’m wondering if there will be anything aside from cosmetics on this one. The weapons blueprints are nice but in a first person action game a player rarely sees themselves. I always ask, “Are the outfits really worth paying for?” – But whenever numbers are presented…Yes, people buy cosmetic DLC like mad.

“The Bozak Horde” will offer a chance for players to play against increasingly difficult zombie waves in single player or co-op modes. Scheduled for release sometime in May, this is the final planned DLC for Dying Light, though Techland has teased at additional freebies down the road.

If the DLC isn’t enough to then perhaps beefing up the zombies and increasing the difficulty will keep fans occupied. At least, that seems to be Techland’s strategy. Acknowledging that some players have already beaten the game, they have announced an update for “hardcore mode”. Stealth will become essential and supplies will be limited once the difficulty has been increased which should take away the feeling of invincibility that some players feel after reaching higher levels.

While Techland is definitely delivering when it comes to content, there is one aspect of Dying Light that has proven that the title has its blemishes. Techland has had reports of some seriously damaging bugs in its game, some of which may be considered game breaking. Players are finding that leveling trees may not be maxed out, certain trophies are unobtainable and some missions even unbeatable. Most of the problems seem to block trophies from being obtained and do not seriously hinder the game, though trophy hunters would count that as a deal breaker. I have personally experienced several of these and while they did not prevent me from playing, (or wanting to play for that matter) they are quite discouraging for completionist.

Also, a quick note, Dying Light has an absurd amount of delightful easter eggs tucked away throughout its world. If you’re playing this game and you haven’t sought them out; I highly recommend you do so.


New IP from Telltale?

The publisher that brought about The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands, Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones has finally decided to tackle its own IP. CEO of Telltale Games, Kevin Bruner, talked with GameSpot recently and if there’s one thing you take away from that article, it’s that he feels like it is “the perfect thing for [telltale]”.

The publisher isn’t speaking about any specifics currently which leaves their audience to wander what may be around the next corner.

I personally wouldn’t mind something dark and psychedelic… something in the vein of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, Garth Ennis’ Preacher or Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

One can only hope.


Binding of Isaac: Rebirth DLC – Afterbirth

A short while back, I wrote a review for Binding of Isaac: Rebirth in which I sung praises for the game and it ability to keep me coming back for more. Edmund McMillen has stepped it up, adding EVEN MORE to an already full experience. The DLC, known as Afterbirth, has no scheduled release date as of now but claims to offer new items, modes, challenges and characters. Additionally, players will also find new floors with new bosses. That’s not all McMillen has in store for the update, which he claims could offer an additionally 200 hours of game play. For fans of the series, it’s an understandable number.

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a game that I have found to be perfect on the Vita, spending countless hours on lunch breaks in my office raging through the dungeons. If you aren’t playing this game yet, pick it up in time for this DLC. It will surely be worth every penny.


The Fall and Rise of “The Last Guardian”

An oversight at Sony allowed the lapse of the trademark on “The Last Guardian”, the predecessor to TeamIco and Sony’s “Ico” and “Shadow of the Colossus”. The internet was in uproar and thousands of fans were convinced that the game we’ve all been waiting on had finally faded away and been abandoned.

Well this is not the case, according to Sony. Someone, whose job is probably VERY boring, forgot to fill in some paper work and the trademark was allowed to expire.

Yawn, not much of a story here.

While there was very little in the way of excitement OR disappointment from this whole ordeal, it did show that the game still has a massive following. Six years after its announcement at E3, fans of TeamIco still anxiously await its release.


Zelda goes Hollywood

Little has been revealed about the possibilities, or even if it’s definitely happening, but Netflix has admitted to speculation about making a miniseries based on the classic iconic game, Zelda. Fans of the series have had mixed feelings about this announcement, and rightfully so.

I am, admittedly, not a huge Zelda fan. As someone who has only played a handful of the Zelda games and beaten none of them, I can still say that this seems like a strange, maybe even desperate, attempt at viewership. On another hand, Netflix has done some good things with the programs for which it is responsible. Perhaps this could be a hidden blessing. OR maybe we get a children’s series. Or maybe nothing at all.

At this point, there is only speculation.


PlayStation Blog’s “Confirmed for 2015”

The PlayStation Blog has released its list of confirmed titles for 2015 and it’s an immensely exciting list. Reminding us of how lucky we are to part of the beginning of this new console cycle, this list should a have a little something for everyone to be excited about. We have amazing indies like Shovel Knight, Hotline Miami 2, The Witness, Axiom Verge and The Forest, all the way up to huge triple-A’s like Uncharted 4, Evolve, Bloodborne and Mortal Kombat X. Following along on the list is space exploration title No Man’s Sky, one of the most ambitious and exciting games I’ve ever witnessed in the prerelease stage. This is an exciting year.

The best part, these are only a handful of examples of what’s to come in the next year. More awesome games may be announced throughout the year and who knows what we may see after E3.


And THAT has been the nerdy news through the eyes of GAMERFUQS.

Thanks for reading.

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