The Rumors May Be True – Fallout4 at E3 2015

With the approach of E3 nearing and the announcement that Bethesda plans to put on its first ever E3 press conference, speculation and rumor has begun to swirl around the topic of what the well known game publisher may have up its sleeve. Many of these rumors, and the fans driving them, have leaned towards a new Fallout game.

According to German gaming site, PC Games, these rumors may just have some truth. In a recent post, the site claims that “an industry insider with Bethesda Softworks has indicated [that] Fallout 4 will [appear] at E3 2015 at the end of the Bethesda Press Conference with a 20-30 minute gameplay trailer.”

The news, sure to stir the pot of the Bethesda conference speculation, brings hope to fans of the Fallout series, eager to learn anything to verify the rumors. But there are sure to be some not so quick to believe as this would not be the first time information has leaked, only to remain unverified.

In late 2013 Kotaku reported that inside information had supported that the setting of the post apocalyptic RPG would, in fact, take place in Boston. Other incidents, such as a not so vague tweet from voice actor Erik Todd Dellums (Three Dog in Fallout 3), also in late 2013, confirmed that he would indeed be returning to the project.

While rumors and speculation have circled the the possibility of Fallout 4 since mid 2013, this leak makes a bold claim. A 20-30 minute gameplay trailer could mean the game is closer to completion than any of us imagined. Could the announcement bring about release date before the end of 2015?

For most of us, confirmation can’t come soon enough. But fans and speculators alike will have to wait until the conference, held June 14 at the beginning of E3 2015. Bethesda will be streaming the event live to Twitch at

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