Please Stand By – Bethesda Fallout Reveal

Bethesda Softworks is sure to cause a stir today after tweeting a vague and mysterious message over twitter this morning. The tweet went that out on June 2 at 10:37 EDT simply contained nothing more than the hashtag #PleaseStandBy and a link.

The link would typically navigate to Bethesda’s homepage but instead brings up a timer set atop iconic imagery that immediately tugs on that Fallout heart string. The ticking clock, the text “Please Stand By” and the 24 hour timer all bring the question, “what’s next?” It would seem that Fallout fans may be getting the verification they’ve been waiting for.

The morning of June 3 will tell all. When the timer counts down to zero, what will we get? Will Bethesda reveal Fallout 4 in preparation for E3 and verify the rumor so many have been hoping true! After weeks of wondering and speculation, that would make for a wonderful Wednesday morning for fans.

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