Please Stand By – Fallout 4 Is Here!


“Please Stand By” is plastered upon the television screen, warnings of catastrophe long since proven futile. The guitar twangs and piano plays harmoniously together in a ghostly melody forgotten and lost to time. “It’s all over,” the vocals bellow as camera separates from screen, backing away to expose chipping paint, tattered drapes and weeds attempting to reclaim structure from man and return it to the wild. Fallout 4 is here.

With heavy anticipation surrounding the rumors of a new title in the Fallout universe, it appears Bethesda couldn’t wait until E3 for the reveal, instead releasing the first look at Fallout 4 today (June 3, 2015) via their blog, YouTube channel, and even the launch of the Fallout 4 website.
The trailer gives us a decent peak at the world and verifies two things: the next installment to the 2series will indeed take place in and around Boston, Massachusetts AND there’s a pretty awesome dog.

After an introductory series of flashbacks between a German Shepard roaming the apocalyptic wasteland and the prewar era civilians receiving the warning of impending doom and fleeing for safety the trailer opens up into, what would appear to be, game footage. From rebuilt cityscapes, reminiscent of Megaton, to desolate wasteland patrolled by deathclaws, it’s all there. Theses familiar elements accompanied by scenic shots of the Massachusetts State House and the statue of Paul Revere set the setting. Based on what is there, it would seem safe to assume that the game is near complete.

So what’s next? Speculation around a new Fallout title began years ago with rumors and leaks popping up every few months. When Bethesda announced their first ever conference at E3, needless to say, the rumor mill boomed of Fallout at E3. Now that the reveal has been made mere weeks before the conference, the question has changed. What does Bethesda have in store for the E3 conference? The possibility of a release date seems imminent.

Regardless of the countless questions the trailer brings, we know one thing, Fallout 4 is here. You can preorder it. And there’s a chance that it isn’t terribly far off, at that. For more, be sure to watch the conference via Bethesda’s Twitch channel.

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