SOUL AXIOM Early Review: Traversing Dreamlike Wonder

AnotherCastle was kind enough to let me get my hands on a copy of the new game from Wales Interactive, Soul Axiom in early access on steam. Here’s my review.

Another Castle

Soaring through violet streaked skies aboard great sailing vessel, the like of which pirates may have once used to traverse the seas, the beating sound of massive wings grows near. In the darkness, the silhouette of a seraph like being mounts the ship, smashing into the hull with a powerful crash and quickly flying away. The ship begins to plunge, clouds roaring past the deck.

Welcome to Soul Axiom, the vibrant and dream like exploration adventure game from Wales Interactive, currently in early access on Steam. Focusing heavily on themes of mystery of unknown identity, Soul Axiom uses exploration and adventure based game mechanics and tropes to carry players through vibrant settings, exhibiting beautiful art direction. Using unique abilities, players will solve puzzles and find enlightening key items to slowly unravel these mysteries; each clue is a step towards your identity, and potentially more.

Mechanics and Gameplay

At its core, Soul Axiom screams…

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