SUBMERGED Review: A Post-Apocalyptic Narrative With Elegance

Another Castle

Unique, sprawling post-apocalyptic environments coupled with intriguing and minimalistic storytelling; that’s what Uppercut Games bring to the table with their aquatic, post civilization adventure, Submerged.

Navigating serene landscapes, players are encouraged to enjoy the tranquility of exploration at their leisure in a gameplay experience untainted by cluttering story elements.


It’s a new take on a classic story about family ties and perseverance. A young girl Miku must face the odds to save her brother, Taku, from fatal injuries. Armed only with a small boat, a telescope, and an incredible amount of climbing stamina, Miku must gather first aid supplies if Taku is to survive.

The story telling in Submerged is conveyed in a series of archetypal story book pages. As each page is uncovered, a moment is spent piecing it into the overarching narrative, allowing the player to interpret and piece the story together as they go. As each page…

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