BLOODBORNE: THE OLD HUNTERS Announced at Tokyo Game Show

Another Castle

Of all the things the video gaming community thinks it needs right now — following the Metal Gear Solid V release, an upcoming Fallout game that’s sure to put an end to any and all free time, and a plethora of back-catalogue-filling smaller releases — an endearing add-on to one of the year’s highest rated games has not been on the list, until now.

The team at FromSoftware is not ready to let Bloodborne fade from the limelight, announcing this week at TGS that the game will be receiving new content, titled The Old Hunters, on November 24, 2015. The announcement was made with a full trailer featuring shots of some pretty exciting additions, as well as some super creepy bosses. Watching and rewatching the trailers, the action is fast and at times hard to pin down, but diligent skimming of the video has unearthed some material that makes fans…

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