31 Days of Horror: HOME

Another Castle

It’s where the heart is, it’s the place where we can realize what’s inside of us, it’s where we can confidently open up and allow our true selves to be exposed. There is no greater relief than returning to that place of familiarity and comfort.

Home is a pixel adventure horror game by Benjamin Rivers Inc. that plays on those pleasing feelings of returning to that place of comfort in a distressing way. Waking up in a dark room with a headache and a flashlight. Outside of the door is a body lying bloody on the ground. The protagonist is heavy with dismay and unfamiliarity in his surroundings. Something’s not right here. And we must make it home.


  • Heavy implications make you rethink choices
  • Intriguing “choose your own adventure” style narrative
  • Incredibly easy to play
  • Short and sweet
  • Replay for alternative choices and outcomes
  • Fun on consoles or handheld


  • Large implications that…

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