Toro for PS4 – Review

Recently,  Cubed3 reached out to begin doing some review work for them. Agreements were made and shortly after they gave me a chance to get my hands on Toro, a bullfighting game for consoles and PC. Unfortunately, after only a short play session, it became painfully obvious that I would want to wash my hands clean of this one as soon as possible.

That said, the review should still be an exciting read and the Hour One still holds some good, old fashioned, family entertainment… that’s not true. I cursed like a sailor at every interaction with this game.

Check out the GamerFuqs Hour One or See the full review here, on Cubed3.

Weird Disclaimer Thing: I felt torn about writing this but, seeing as GamerFuqs functions as my writing portfolio, I feel the need to make this point. It seems that Cubed3 feels the need to occasionally toss in a “…as Cubed3 reveals…” style comment to some of the openers in my review. This is tacky to me and I feel that it reads poorly. Take it with a grain of salt and read the review for what I wrote, please. Thanks!

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