It’s Been a While BUT…


There’s not many things that can break your work flow like a getaway to one of the country’s most beautiful cities and returning to one of the biggest game releases of the year. It has been just over 3 weeks since my last post and the absence of this wonderful hobby is beginning to take its toll.

On October 31, I embarked on a week long trip out to San Francisco to lay eyes on what has become, in my mind, one of the most fascinating places in the country. Having been planning to move out that way for some time now, it felt necessary to make sure that enduring such a high cost of living was actually worth it. While the intent of this post is most definitely not the glorification of SF — the trip was one that made returning to the comforts of home an underwhelming endeavor. Roaming that magnificent city, and it’s beautiful outskirts, has only driven the nail deeper — It is the home of the industry I love and a place that could easily become a second home… relocation is imminent.

Upon returning home, some necessity for a return to form was felt, but as most anyone who plays games knows… Fallout 4 has happened. Literally just 2 days after the return home, one of the most engrossing releases of my year was delivered to my doorstep. That’s not a thing that allows for productivity. So, telling myself that 2 weeks away from the pen was fine, I dove headfirst into the massive open world. As 2 weeks nearly slipped into 3, I’ve been slapping myself for my lack of productivity.

But hell — that’s what a real getaway is supposed to do, right? Invigorate one’s sense for productivity and refill that ever depleting life bar that gets so low when bogged down by the every day mundanenss of working life. Right? Right.

Long story short. I took a bad ass vacation. San Francisco is fucking amazing. And Fallout has ruined nearly 2 weeks of any sense of productivity. But that’s done. I’m back and GAMERFUQS will get back to it, starting today.

Thanks to the handful of readers who continue to return.

OH, and the broken phone picture was the result of climbing a mountain and attempting to take a picture. Don’t take pictures on mountains. Just be on mountains.

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