Commonwealth Survival Guide

Fallout 4 — a game about the wonder of wanderers aimlessly wandering the war-torn waste. Alliteration is fun.

Join GamerFuqs as we continue the theme. Aimlessness is my middle name… or perhaps HER middle name.

Taylor “Aimlessness” Tallahassee…. that sort of looses its ring. Taylor Tallahassee is just a gun slinging wise-gal whose just trying to do right by the world and find her baby boy… This being the first episode of Commonwealth Survival Guide, things run a little fast and loose. Scripting a play-through of a Fallout game isn’t really a possibility though, so…. we’re going to roll with it. Jump into my play-though, 60+ hours in the making, and see what kind of bullshit a Fallout game in 2015 can throw at us. Enjoy.

JUST A FRIENDLY DISCLAIMER: Returning from a few weeks off and dealing with some strange audio issues has made this video…. not the best in quality. GamerFuqs good buddy, Jigen, juped into the chat and never got mic’d. So there’s a bit of one sided conversation in this video. OOPS!

Won’t happen again folks! (lies! — this isn’t the first or last time his has happened.)

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