Hour One – Star Wars Battlefront

Battlefront is here! Just weeks away from The Force Awakens, the hyperbole around Star Wars has gotten difficult to manage. Surrounding the game, there has been an understandable amount of criticism about whether the game will deliver. For those of you who have managed to avoid the press, the speculation involves the amount of content. Is this enough of a game to consider paying full price during a season when there is so much to choose from?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Perhaps, I can agree that there should be a campaign.

There could be more to the survival and co-op modes.

Space battles would have added something the game was missing.

All valid arguements made by folks that want something strangely specific. But for me, this is the game I wanted — a shooter that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A Star Wars shooter that allows you to easily jump in with friends for a night of Jedi, Sith, TIE fighters, and X-Wings. This game is solid and I think it speaks for itself in this GamerFuqs Hour One for Star Wars Battlefront.

Boy oh boy, does it feel nice to finally get this video up… Recorded a week ago, I have since been dealing with copyright related mutes placed on the entire video due to licensed music.

That said, there is still 1 mute placed on the video that I couldn’t do anything about. It takes place from 31:56 – 39:57. Thanks for your understanding. There’s not much I could do.



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