Hour One – Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Bloodborne. A game that effortlessly stole well over 100 hours of my life over the course of several months. A game that, on a few occasions, caused me the kind of tension that prevents sleep. And a game that I recently voted as my Game of the Year for 2015 over at Cubed3.

Now, introduce Bloodborne: The Old Hunters. The level of excitement surrounding this DLC for a 7 month old game in the wake of major releases like Fallout 4 and Metal Gear Solid V is kind of astonishing. Over the past week, I’ve seen so many streams and articles as well as newcomers purchasing the game for the first time, several of my friends included. Why? Did I mention the whole game of the year thing?

Bloodborne defeats you. It laughs at you. Sometimes, it even forces you to quit… but then you come back. You conquer it. And moving on feels like a true accomplishment. The Old Hunters does more of the same. Actually…. It’s probably more heinous than the areas preceding it… and I am masochistically throwing myself back into it, all along laughing like a child.

Join me and GamerFuqs buddy, Jigen (who appears to have been just a little bit low in the audio mix), while we dive in and see just how painful it gets. Also, these videos get a little….. loose. What can I say, alcohol and Bloodborne compliment each other. We wanted to show a natural dive in but the actual first hour got a little of the rails. Towards the end… well, you’ll see.

BUT, we regrouped. We reshot. And I put together a slightly more informative Hour One episode 2. Check it out.

Because of Jigen’s low audio, these are best watched with headphones.

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