Commonwealth Survival Guide (4)

Fumbling through the Commonwealth is becoming second nature for ol’ Taylor Tallahassee. Accidentally slaughtering potential friends and unexpectedly being obliterated when explosives rain down from the sky is all commonplace at this point.
In this episode, Nick Valentine gives his thoughts on the mysterious stranger and I give my thoughts on Nick — A giant explosion that brings everything to a halt right before an innocent ghoul massacre — And we finally find our way to the Endurance Bobblehead. The Bathtub-O-Booze is tragically absent. I know… Shame.

Jump in with GamerFuqs for another riveting episode of Commonwealth Survival Guide!

Heads up! That quick edit around 10-11 minutes — That was due to a stream failure. No worries, I was able to do a quick YouTube edit and get things thrown back together without lost content.

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