Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations Review

“Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations is a game that takes the bad with the good, and mixes it all into a big sloppy mess. It’s a dumb, fun game for people that like dumb, fun stuff.”

That was pretty much my wrap up in the recent review for the newest Adventure Time game from Vicious Cycle.

Cubed3, always keeping me busy, offered me the game a couple of weeks ago and I, without hesitation, agreed. Adventure Time is something I’m somewhat familiar with and I assumed that that would carry me through the review process with a smile on my face. I was wrong. Neither a bad game, nor a good one — playing through constantly invoked the thought, “Am I playing a child’s game?” The intended audience is never specified — and that pretty much became the theme of the review over at Cubed3.

Read the full review here!

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