Blazerush Review

Unfortunately, there are occasions in which potential can be countered by circumstance; such is the case with Blazerush on the PlayStation 4.

The folks over at Cubed3 recently asked me to review Blazerush, a fast-paced vehicular combat title from Russian developer, Targem Games. These guys have made over a dozen titles but I couldn’t help but notice that they have a trend of producing some very cold and mechanical combat-racing games. Blazerush made a lot of sense once I had this perspective.

The game is simple — repetitive even — but there is glamour to it. It’s the kind of game, similar to something like Rocket League, where you want to play with your friends and scream at your foes. Unfortunately, the multiplayer is barely off the ground and host a player base so small that matchmaking is basically nonexistent, as I found out in the second half of the GamerFuqs Hour One. This sentiment is the basic theme of the review over at Cubed3, though I made sure to try to shine some light on the games good aspects, because I felt it unfair to dock points from a solid title due to lack of audience. 

Check out the full review on Cubed3, here.

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