A Mobile Game Review… Fallout Shelter

It’s a new year! WOO!

As is tradition in the world of discussing video games on the internet, it’s Game of the Year time. Any site worth their salt is probably going to have a list that has gone live recently or will shortly. Cubed3, the site that has been throwing games at me for review,  is no different.

I’m going to guess that many didn’t have a vote for the category of Best Mobile Game because my vote, Fallout Shelter, won. I wont lie to you, the GamerFuqs audience… y’all my people. I voted this one because it was the only mobile game I played BUT that doesn’t discredit it as a solid mobile experience. I would guess that there are probably better choices out there but hey, I liked it and it won the category. That said, my editor realized we were lacking a review and put me to the task. After refreshing my memory for a few hours about what it was that made this game steal countless hours of time away, I threw together some words.

Check out the review for Fallout Shelter on Cubed3.

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