Commonwealth Survival Guide (9)

Yep, it’s another GamerFuqs Commonwealth Survival Guide. I can sense your excitement.

In this episode, the gap to the bobble-head collection finish line is narrowed. Science and Small Guns bobble-heads are collected, but not without cost as they end up tucked away in both, a heavily guarded vault and an aptly equipped gunner compound. Regardless, Taylor Tallahassee’s insatiable appetite for bobble-heads will not be fulfilled until the last two are obtained and the collection completed.

Also, a lesson was learned: drug addicts wielding the Junkies Gamma Gun ain’t nothing to fuck with. Use caution.

This video contains a mute that last for slightly more than half a minute at the 31:47 mark. I’m still getting used to Twitch and YouTube’s crappy copyright rules. The song creating the issue is in-game music. Preventing this issue is currently beyond my knowledge. Forgive me.

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