Sticker Shock: THE WITNESS’ Price Reflects the State of Indie Development

Roughly 1,700 words about sticker shock and the state of indie development. Big thanks to Jonathan Blow for sticking to his guns in a bold pricing move, Jennifer Leach from Another Castle for sound advice and editing support, and Mike Bithell for the tweet that inspired this entire thing, which happens to be my first long-form editorial.

Another Castle

On January 20, 2016, Jonathan Blow, the man responsible for indie hit Braid, took the final step in rolling out his next highly anticipated game, The Witness, by revealing the price tag to the public. The title, which has vastly grown in scope since its inception in 2009, contains a sprawling environment handcrafted entirely by Blow and has been the developer’s sole focus since the release of Braid in 2008. While many within the internet/video game community have welcomed the announcement with open arms, for some, the price tag has created contention.

As is expected, NeoGaf was one of the first places in which the conversation rooted itself. Following the announcement and the creation of the thread dedicated to its discussion, the responses were a mixed bag. While there is a fairly large portion of the internet community that seems to be in understanding that quality isn’t…

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