Never Alone: Foxtales Review

I recently played and reviewed Foxtales, the expansion to narrative platformer Never Alone, for the lovely folks over at Cubed3.

I will admit upfront, this game is not great, but there’s some shit going on here and I want you to keep reading… so… keep reading.

At no point was I captivated with the level design or any interesting mechanics and when the ending credits rolled there may have been a sigh of relief… but there are other things going on and, for one moment, I’d like to practice restraint and focus on what matters.

Tackling the issue of a disappearing culture is a brave task. Genocide against Native Americans, in just a few hundred years, has caused a social climate where it is acceptable, even expected, to brush off the atrocities committed against their people, allowing their culture and heritage to fade from existence, forgotten. Never Alone and Foxtales are a collective attempt by Upper One Games to expose this dwindling group to the masses who are so eager to forget them. /soapbox

Check out the full review here.

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