New MEGAMAN Cartoon from BEN10 Folks

MegaMan animated series Newswire on DoomRocket.

There’s something ugly to be said about big companies handling rights to old licenses and spewing them back at us in a sort of “You liked it before, right?” kind of money grab. Not to say that it’s necessarily what the whole of the intent is here, or with any other reboot for that matter, but it seems disingenuous, calculated even, when old properties are skinned and shaped to fit in with modern entertainment for a quick buck.

The guys at Man of Action Entertainment are excited, and rightfully so. They seem to be doing something they are proud of and it’s understandable that a major success like Ben 10 being followed up by obtaining a project like MegaMan would elicit a sense of pride. It’s the cold and mechanical licensing deals between DHX Media and Dentsu Entertainment that feel so lifeless to me. I’ll just say that the cynic in me finds it hard to believe that the intentions of these deals had anything to do with a passion for MegaMan. 

Stepping back, I’m being assigned a bit of news reporting over at DoomRocket and I think I want to use GamerFuqs as an outlet to sort of elaborate on the more editorial thinking that maybe doesn’t get put in news write ups. This allows me to continue using this site as a nest for all of my writing while offering more personal thinking regarding these news reports. That was the original plan for GamerFuqs, after all. DoomRocket is great and I appreciate them as an outlet for pushing me and hosting my writing. But there are less popular opinions that are suited for other places… like sites called GamerFuqs.

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