WATCH DOGS 2 Suprising Reveal Doesn’t Seem Like a Yawn Fest

When I heard Ubisoft as making a big spectacle of their Watch Dogs 2 news…  there was an, appropriate, air of cynicism.

Watch Dogs was a pretty shit game. I wouldn’t expect there would be much backlash at that opinion. So, it stand to reason that a follow up would fall equally flat.

Enter a development team who obviously have had their ear to the ground and have taken the response to Watch Dogs to heart. From the phrasing in the press release to new implementation of features within the game, Ubisoft seems to have finally pulled their collective heads from the arses of financial investors and said, “HEY! This old structure isn’t working and we have an idea for what will…”

Check out the full Neswswire on DoomRocket, here.

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