‘DEVIL DAGGERS’ Is Good, Old Fashioned, Family Fun

Devil Daggers! Perhaps you’ve heard of it!

No? Hey, that’s what I’m here for… sometimes.

Over at DoomRocket, I recently spoke with my oh-so-kind Editor-in-Chief and got a new little thing started. Allowing us to look back at games from the distant and not so distant past, dust them off, and give our 2 cents – I bring you the first in our new series, the Re/Play.

Our general idea here is this: We all love games. Sometimes, we miss a few in our excitement regarding others, adding to the stack and expanding the infamous and ever growing back-catalog. Hey, there’s only so much time in the day. But now, we at DoomRocket have a simple and sweet platform in which we can venture back and talk about these games we missed.

Enter the first DoomRocket Replay — Devil Daggers. I’ve wanted to review this game since the moment it caught my eye. Unfortunately, in the world of page click counts and analytics that is ‘Writing on the Internet’ – I had already lost my window of relevance. 

But fuck all that, boys and gals! It’s a Re/Play!

Check out the full review of Devil Daggers at DoomRocket!

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