Why the F*ck is ‘EVOLVE’ Back in Open Beta?

This is a truely puzzling announcement by way of Turtle Rock Studios.

Evolve, that 4v1 monster hunting game that came out over a year ago…. yea, its in open beta now. Strange, but what’s worse is what that means for those who bought the original on console.

The games industry can be fucking weird sometimes.


Check this out on DoomRocket, right here.

3 thoughts on “Why the F*ck is ‘EVOLVE’ Back in Open Beta?

  1. they’re switching to a free to play model, so the open beta is probably for balancing issues. like making sure the “grind vs pay” set up isn’t too out of wack.


    1. I understand. It’s still a strange transition worthy of a little skepticism. This game has, if nothing else, been interesting to watch from a safe distance.

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