A Big Steaming Dump

Forgive my phrasing… it’s a content dump.

We’re nearing the end of 2016 and I have spent, perhaps, too much time away from the site.  Lately life has been busy –no worries, it’s a good busy– but that hasn’t stopped the news. Over at DoomRocket, I’ve been covering the news of the week, twice a week, every week. Unfortunately these stories haven’t been making it over here and that’s what needs to change. I’d like to improve upon the status quo of GamerFuqs, begin posting more of the writing I’ve been doing and hopefully get back on producing more video content…. that part will come with time.

For now, I’m focusing on ensuring more post on GamerFuqs to give the handful of you beautiful readers something to come back to, so please — forgive my absence and this giant dump.

SO, here we go. It won’t be exciting. And it’s probably not pretty. Much of what’s here is just simply old news but I need to catalog it, so here it is — A big dump of everything I’ve been up to since I fell off about 5 months ago.

NewsWires for DoomRocket:

And some reviews too:

WHEW! And that’s that. The content dump to end all dumps. I hope you’ve enjoyed even a few of these despite their being dated. Hey, it’s like a fine wine — better with age.

Maybe that doesn’t work for games coverage. Thanks for reading.

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