I Won’t Be Playing ‘1-2-Switch’ with John Cena but I Still Really Want the Nintendo Switch

I wrote this DoomRocket News Wire regarding Nintendo’s bogus console launch campaign yesterday and couldn’t really help but editorialize towards the end.

Nintendo’s strategy has been so fucking strange with the roll out of the Switch and launching a short series of showings, completely inaccessible to the public in any real sense, just before the release had me baffled. The Switch is a really cool looking console that seems to hold a fair amount of potential but Nintendo has, for the most part, kept it away from the majority of the public.

This latest campaign is a Nintendo-ass-Nintendo move. For what it’s worth, they don’t give a damn about our skepticism, and I’m not entirely sure any amount of uncertainty will sway people from throwing their money at the Switch. Hell, I’m put off by the lack of information (if you don’t count the “stolen” Switch leaks debacle), but I was literally just searching for preorders… so, good game Nintendo.

Read the full article on DoomRocket, right here.

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