‘Conan Exiles’ is a Solid Early Access Survival Title and yes… There are Dicks

Steam’s Early Access program has become synonymous with open world survival in recent years. A horde of sandbox playgrounds have eagerly stormed its gates with their own takes on crafting, survival, and community interaction. Now, whether they turn out to be playful romps or downright infuriating crusades, well… it’s become harder to parse the seas of the genre, let’s put it that way.

Conan Exiles (Funcom) fits right in with the standards expected from Early Access survival: infuriatingly broken gameplay, toxic yet charming communities, and… full frontal nudity (???) (!!!). Despite its present rough-edged nature, Conan Exiles holds some very real promise. This extraordinarily imperfect title still manages to pack a punch in its infancy, holding promise where many others do not.

To read the full review, head over here to DoomRocket.

Thanks for reading.

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