Tommy Robbins a.k.a. “Tummy Rubbins”

Writer and Creator 

Playing video games became a way of life for me as early as I can remember. And with video games I grew up. As the medium evolved, so did I with it.  Constantly mesmerized by the newest technology and ideas — there was always something new to discover.

At some point, I began reading and listening to experts on the subject. Eventually realizing that there is a subculture for this thing that has captivated me my whole life. There are people who have the privilege of talking about video games critically as a profession.

Video Game Journalism became the only thing I cared to pursue. Discussing the culture, the changes, and the excitement that comes with every big development — that’s what I want to be part of.

GamerFuqs. Assholes, like myself, who care about few things more than this industry — who want nothing more than to see it grow and continue to prosper. I say “assholes” of course, in the most endearing way possible. That’s how GamerFuqs started. A nickname for my friends that turned into a place for camaraderie about this thing we all love so much.


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