Alienation Kicked My Ass

First off — I am excited to announce that I am now contributing to DoomRocket. A pretty rad little site based out of Chicago.

With Another Castle having gone the way of the dinosaur and resting in the foggy  graveyard somewhere at the back of the internet, it was time for me to find another place to call a home. Otherwise adulthood and responsibility would far too easily claim back all of my free time and pull me from this amazing hobby that is writing and producing video content around the subject of video games.

That addressed, my first contribution to the site was Alienation and it was a hell of a place to start. This game hit some notes that I needed. Fast paced, mindless action —  a fun break from the deliberate plodding of DarkSouls3 (having been nearly all I’ve played since its release).

Check out the full review here, on DoomRocket.

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