I dove into DOOM expecting very little. The multiplayer beta promised, what appeared to be, worn FPS mechanics and Unreal Tournament style arenas and… well, screw all of that. It felt dated and unexciting and I had no intentions of playing it. But then I was assigned to write the review…. woe is me, right?

My play through focused nearly completely on the campaign but that was enough to radically shift my perception of this game. DOOM 2016 is tight. Everything plays exactly like you want. Game play systems are thoughtful, promoting wild and explosive play that still manages to stay balanced unlike any shooter I’ve ever touched.

The multiplayer may be garbage. And regarding “Snap-Map”, I can take it or leave it. But DOOM did exactly what it needed to do. It offered a week, or so, of incredibly intense action that had me trading between hysterical laughter and livid screaming. What felt like it was sure to be a shitty reboot drawing on nostalgia to sell millions of copies ACTUALLY turned out to be a genuinely solid shooter.

Check out the full review on DoomRocket.

2 thoughts on “DOOM

  1. I’m so glad to hear this game was good! After seeing the footage from the beta, I wasn’t expecting much. I wasn’t a fan when it was a new franchise, but this might get me to go out and buy a copy.

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    1. That’s great! I really enjoyed it despite have literally no intentions of playing it prerelease. Glad the review could help you make a decision and hope you dig it!


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