DYING LIGHT Zombies Pranked By TECHLAND April Fools Gag

Techland, creators of the early 2015 blockbuster success Dying Light, have announced today that they intend to celebrate April Fools with a bit of in game fun.

Dying Light players who dive in on April 1 will find themselves with a tainted batch of Antizin, the antidote designed to prevent the spread of the zombifying infection. This “bad batch” is said to have some unexpected side effects and players will be able to exploit them, with hilarious consequence.

These side effects, as listed in a video on the Dying Light YouTube channel, will include “uncontrollable fits of violence, excessive strength and aggression, persistent muscular tension, severely altered motor skills” and an “obsessive compulsive need to kick stuff”.

What exactly does this mean for Dying Light fans? Basically, you’re a Super Man zombie fighting machine. And for one day only, every attack will send zombies careening from rooftops and flying through alleyways in the humorous rag doll physics players already love, but with amplified intensity.

Techland, acknowledging that the play on game play physics is essentially a humorous tweak, is encouraging players to capture their escapades and share them through YouTube with the hash tag #BadBatch, promising some player provided fun the following day, April 2.

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